Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are used to repair teeth that have suffered extensive decay or damage. In the past, silver and gold were the main materials used to make crowns. Today, our cosmetic dentists prefer to use porcelain. Porcelain crowns provide our patients with a natural look and feel.

Not only do crowns look and feel natural, but there are a number of other benefits that can be reaped from getting a porcelain crown. Crowns help strengthen your teeth and enhance your overall appearance. They can also be used to close spaces in between the teeth.

Photo of dental crowns

Our South Charlotte cosmetic dentists are trained to perform a variety of dental procedures and we will perform an examination to determine dental crowns are a right choice for you. If a crown is the best solution, we will take an impression, or mold, to construct the permanent crown, while you receive a temporary crown between appointments. Once the permanent crown is ready, our dentists will remove the temporary crown, clean your tooth or surrounding teeth and then carefully place in the new crown.

If porcelain crowns are properly cared for, then they will last a very long time. It is highly recommended that you brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once a day for maximum care of your overall oral hygiene and you new porcelain crown.

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