It really is amazing how much dental replacements have evolved over the past decade. In addition to the hard plastic style denture many of us are familiar with seeing our grandparents use, cosmetic dentists now offer different styles of dentures using softer, pliable plastics which mold and grip around the gums for comfort and stability. It is also possible to get dentures which fit over dental implants, which helps the denture plate stay in place. There are three main styles of denture plates.

Over Denture

This is the type of bottom denture plate that fits over dental implants. The implants are essentially posts that are screwed into the bone of the lower jaw. This secures the plate in place, making it work more like real teeth. Many people have a lot of problems using lower dentures because the plate doesn’t grip well enough and slides around. This can be inconvenient and also painful.

Partial Denture

This is a partial set of false teeth that only replaces some missing teeth, rather than all of them. This is used when you are missing a few teeth, but still have some strong natural teeth that don’t need pulling.

Full Denture

This style is for when you have had or need to have all of your teeth pulled on either the top, bottom or both. If you still have most of your teeth, the cosmetic dentists will first take a mold of the inside of your mouth. Next the Teeth will be extracted and another mold will be taken of your gums. The two molds will be used to create a temporary version of your denture plate. It make take several visits in order to get the fitting right before you receive your final permanent denture.

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