Tooth Sealants

Our general dentists recognize that tooth decay can cause serious problems to a person’s health. To fight this condition, we recommend patients get dental sealants, also called tooth sealants, on their permanent molars. People may wonder about the benefits of tooth sealants and whether or not this procedure actually helps prevent tooth decay. They may be surprised to learn that sealants are easy to apply and can help protect their teeth against a number of dental problems.

Before and after photo of dental sealant procedure

When Could I Get Tooth Sealants?

Our general dentists recommend patients as young as 10 years of age get sealants on their molars. Once a child’s permanent molars have emerged, a dentist can seal each molar’s surface to prevent decay from causing cavities and damage to the tooth’s structure. The procedure is simple and not painful. Most parents agree that their child can benefit by getting sealants on his or her molars.

More Benefits of Dental Sealants

Before they consent to the procedure, some parents may wonder about the benefits of this procedure. In fact, their dentist may outline the benefits, which can include:

  • Keeping food out of the ridges and deep surfaces of permanent molars
  • Making brushing away bacteria and food particles easier
  • Preventing enamel decay and painful cavities
  • Giving molars a clean, uniform appearance

The actual procedure to apply these tooth sealants is relatively short and painless. A hygienist will first clean a patient’s teeth to remove any food particles from the surfaces. Next, gel is applied to the molars and allowed to set for a few minutes. After the gel sets, the molars again are cleaned and prepared for the sealants, which are then painted on and allowed to harden. A person may feel the sealant on each tooth with his or her tongue. The entire process proves to be pain-free and easy. Patients can enjoy being protected from decay.

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