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Why See Our Charlotte Dentists

Dr. Emily Snapp and Dr. Summer SuttlesIf it has been a while since you have been to see a dentist, then you may be looking to get an appointment and check up on the health of your teeth. You may also be wondering why seeing a dentist is something that you should take the time to do. Getting a general dentistry appointment is something that you should do at least every six months or so, and is the most important thing that you can do if you care about your smile and ensuring that it is bright for years to come.

Park Cedar Dentistry OfficeWhen you visit one of our dentists, the process begins with a general dentistry basic cleaning. This will allow the dentist to clean your teeth of plaque and other build up, which will leave you with a brighter smile and a cleaner feeling mouth instantly. During this cleaning, the dentist will also take the time to identify any other things that you may need to have taken care of going forward, such as cavities, gum problems or anything else. They will then make recommendations as to what you should do going forward. Getting this type of basic cleaning is vital, as if your teeth go uncleaned, they can begin to experience some serious issues over time.

Many of the things that our dentists may recommend to you will fall into the area of cosmetic dentistry, which is an exciting thing if you want to take the health of your teeth to the next level. The cosmetic dentistry procedures that you may be interested in having done after a recommendation from your dentist could include teeth whitening, tooth replacement, fillings and more. If there is something about your teeth that you are looking to improve, then there is undoubtedly a way to do it with cosmetic dentistry.

Overall, a visit to one of our dentists is the easiest and most convenient thing that you can do if you want to have a radiant smile and healthy teeth. Ignoring the health of your teeth is a bad idea, as your smile is often the first thing that people notice about you, and having healthy teeth is as easy as making an appointment.