4 Awesome Advent Calendars for Adults That Don’t Contain Sugar

added on: December 10, 2019

At Park Cedar Dentistry, we are all about healthy (or even not-so-healthy) alternatives to sugar. Sugar, as you may already know, is extremely damaging to teeth, as the bacteria that live in our mouths just love turning it into enamel-destroying acid. Unfortunately, most advent calendars–boxes with 25 little “doors” that are opened on every day leading up to Christmas—contain chocolate or candy. That’s why, for today’s post, we’ve put together a list of 4 advent calendars that are extremely fun and 100% dentist approved.

Hot Sauce Advent Calendar 

Bring the heat this holiday season with “The 25 Sauces of Christmas,” a hot sauce advent calendar stocked with 25 mini bottles of the spicy stuff. Each hot sauce has its own holiday title, like “Hark! The Habanero Sings.” Just be aware that if you want to treat the heat-lover on your list, you’ll have to splurge a little: the box retails for about $80.   

Anthropologie Self-Care Calendar 

Anthropologie can be a little pricey, but at $40, the brand’s Seven Days of Self-Care Advent Calendar is an affordable way to treat yourself (or a loved one) this holiday. The box is stuffed with tiny essential oil samples, scented cleaning wipes, mini lip balms, and other goodies perfect for a beauty lover who already has too much makeup. 

Funko Pop Marvel Advent Calendar 

You’ve probably seen Funko Pops, tiny figurines with a massive cult following, in bookstores and big box stores. If there’s a Funko Pop collector in your life who also loves superheroes, Marvel’s 80th Anniversary Funko Advent Calendar is the ultimate gift, for only $40. 

Vinebox Wine Advent Calendar 

Dentists are not big fans of red wine, because it stains teeth. But it’s much better for your smile than sugar, and it is Christmas, after all! If there’s a wine enthusiast on your list (or you are one yourself), the Vinebox 12 Nights of Wine advent calendar is a luxurious gift that lets you savor a new sampler every night, each one in a little glass beaker. At $129, though, this is a luxurious gift. 

Happy Holidays from Park Cedar Dentistry! 

Our South Charlotte dentist office would like to wish you and yours a wonderful, safe holiday season. Once the tree has been taken down and the last of the decorations have been packed away, we hope you will stop by for a dental cleaning and exam, so you can kick off the year with a fresh, clean smile! To schedule an appointment, click here.   

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