4 Benefits of New Same Day Denture Implants

added on: July 7, 2020

With the modern implant procedure, a South Charlotte cosmetic dentist can give a person a great pair of dentures in one appointment. Same day implants have a number of benefits for dental patients to consider.

Always Having Teeth

The traditional way to make dentures is to have the teeth pulled and a denture made to fit after the gums have healed. One of the major problems with this approach is that the patient has to go some period of time without teeth. By having same day implants put in on the day that the teeth are pulled, a person can have dentures installed onto the new implants and he or she will be able to avoid going without teeth. Immediate implants and dentures will also help to support the jaw and prevent shrinkage which is common when a person’s teeth are removed.


Traditional dentures that are held in place by suction or adhesives are notorious for becoming loose during the course of a day. Whether it is from chewing, talking, laughing, coughing or sneezing, having an upper or lower denture come loose can be both uncomfortable and embarrassing. Loose dentures also allow food to become stuck under the denture which can be quite uncomfortable. By choosing an implant supported denture from a South Charlotte cosmetic dentist, a patient will receive a great looking denture that is also stable and functional.

Time Savings

The old process of having teeth removed, then being measured for a denture and then having dentures fitted and placed into the mouth could be a long process. In fact, the entire process could take weeks or even months to complete. However, when a person has same day denture implants, he or she will have all of the work done in one day. This will mean far less time dealing with dental procedures and more time spent enjoying his or her new teeth.


In most cases, same day denture implants will cost less than having teeth removed, having implants placed and fitting a denture at separate times. These costs savings will be largely realized from only having one office visit and only needing aesthesia or numbing completed one time. Best of all, it is easier to estimate the costs of a one day procedure of implants and same day dentures than it is to estimate the costs of multiple day denture process.


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