Our Pineville Cosmetic Dentist Answers 5 Invisalign Clear Braces FAQ’s

added on: December 4, 2018

Need braces? Want to avoid the unsightly bands across your teeth? Then Invisalign may be for you. Many people have heard of this treatment, but few understand how it works. There’s a sort of mystique surrounding the idea of clear braces, but this treatment works just as effectively as normal braces under the right circumstances.

This treatment is not the same as having braces.

The first thing to understand is that this treatment differs from braces. Rather than having metal bands attached to the teeth, this treatment requires bi-monthly visitations to the orthodontist to have retainers made. These retainers fit snugly around the teeth and gently pull them into alignment over time. However, because the process is gentler than normal braces, it requires frequent adjustments of the retainers.

This treatment cannot treat all teeth.

Some alignment problems cannot be cured by this treatment. If your teeth are too badly crooked or malformed in some way, it may not be possible to use this treatment to treat them. The only way to know for sure is to visit a cosmetic dentist and find out if you’re eligible for treatment.

This treatment is not as expensive as you may think.

There is a myth that this treatment costs far more than traditional braces, but this isn’t true. In most cases, this treatment costs roughly the same as traditional braces. If only minor tooth correction is needed, however, prices can be even lower than traditional braces. Many facilities offer financing options, allowing you to begin treatment on a payment plan. There’s no need to wait until you have the full amount saved up to begin getting the smile you’ve always wanted.

There is still discomfort with this treatment.

Many people think that this treatment don’t hurt. While they’re not as painful as traditional braces, the treatment still involves realigning teeth by force. Many describe it as a feeling of pressure rather than pain; however, this is a good sign. Because you feel the pressure, you know the aligners are working. While this treatment does not come with the pain and discomfort of traditional braces, there is still some amount of discomfort involved.

Invisalign can be used to treat shifting of teeth.

Many people who have had braces in the past experience a shifting in the alignment of their teeth, particularly if they do not wear their retainers properly. That said, this treatment can be used to treat this problem without the discomfort of having braces reapplied. It is important that people remember to wear their retainers after treatment to prevent future shifting of teeth, however. Clear braces should only be used in the worst scenarios.

If you feel that Invisalign could be for you, visit our Pineville cosmetic dentist for a consultation today!

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