5 Thanksgiving Dental Hygiene Tips That Will Make Our Pineville Dentist Smile

added on: November 6, 2018

People often think of Thanksgiving as a time to kick back, splurge, and throw their healthy habits to the wayside. But you can enjoy this season while being mindful of your dental health and habits. Here are some timely tips that would likely make our local Pineville dentist office staff smile.

1. Sweet tooth: Pumpkin pie, pecan pie, treats, sweets, and candy. They’re often part of holiday festivities, but any general dentist would tell you to limit them because of how disruptive they can be for your dental hygiene. Be cautious of often-overlooked sugar in fruit, side dishes, molasses, and syrups. If you’re the Thanksgiving cook, replace sugar in recipes with healthier sweeteners like honey, and reduce quantities of sweeteners.

2. Snacking and grazing: It can be tempting to eat on and off all throughout the day during your Thanksgiving holiday festivities, but stick to eating only at meal times and just small snacks between meals. Grazing without long enough breaks in between can wreak havoc on your dental hygiene and cause you to not see smiley faces when you go for dental exams.

3. Healthier options: Fill up on the good stuff like healthy protein such as turkey, healthy fat such as olive oil, and vegetables like green salads, broccoli, and winter squashes. When you’re satisfied from enjoying nutritious foods, you won’t crave dishes and snacks that negatively affect your dental hygiene.

4. Hygiene routine: Just because you’re having a fun holiday doesn’t mean you should take a holiday from oral care like brushing and flossing. Keep up with your daily dental hygiene routine even if guests are visiting or you’re traveling out of town. If you’re not at home over Thanksgiving, bring a portable hygiene kit in your pocket or purse containing a small-sized toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss.

5: Kids’ care: Be a great role model for children during Thanksgiving by following your general dentist’s guidance in terms of dental hygiene. Help kids make good choices by reminding them to limit sugar, focusing instead on nutritious foods.

By following these tips, you’ll be establishing healthy habits that you can carry right through the holiday season and into the new year.

Contact our Pineville dentist office to request an appointment if you have any questions. Keep up with dental exams throughout the year, and you’ll enjoy the holidays even more.

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