5 Things Your Charlotte General Dentist Wants You to Know

added on: December 24, 2019

Most people already know that they should brush and floss twice a day, but there are a few things dentists often want to tell our patients which are far lesser-known. Here are a few important dentistry FAQs to be aware of before heading into your next Charlotte dentist appointment.

Bleeding gums are not “normal” 

It is not normal to see any amount of blood after brushing or flossing. Blood, no matter how minor, is an indication that the gums are inflamed and that the patient is experiencing mild irritation from plaque or tartar. Blood after a cleaning is only normal in the sense that the vast majority of patients experience it—but only because they are not taking adequate care of their teeth!

Flossing right before your appointment doesn’t fool anyone 

Slightly related to the previous point: if the last time you flossed was the last time you had a dentist appointment, you’re better off leaving your gums alone before tomorrow’s exam. Dentists can tell by your gum tissue whether you floss regularly or not, and a hasty pre-appointment flossing will only cause damage. 

Even if nothing hurts, there could still be a problem

Most dental issues do not become painful until they have reached an extreme state of progression. For example, if one of your teeth has a hairline fracture, you may not feel anything until the fracture has split down to the tooth’s root. Many patients who come in experiencing pain expect a quick or easy fix, but the dentist is already wondering if it will necessitate a crown, implant or extraction.

Some medications can increase the likelihood of cavities

Dentists often see a spike in cavities in adults aged 45-60 who have a history of good oral hygiene. The best explanation for this is increased use of medications. Many medications can reduce saliva production, which helps balance the pH of the mouth and keeps the amount of cavity-causing bacteria low. Even something as small as aspirin or ibuprofen can contribute to dental issues, so make sure to tell your dentist everything you are currently taking, including vitamins and herbal supplements.

Don’t be embarrassed—your dentist has seen it all.

If you’re worried about an upcoming dental appointment, it’s important to remember that your dentist has likely seen issues far worse than yours. Although we can’t read minds, of course, we’re willing to bet that your dentist is far more likely to celebrate that you are proactively taking charge of an issue, than quietly judge you for your lack of care. If not, that’s not a dentist you want treating you, anyway!

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