Can You Put a Price Tag on Teeth Whitening for Your Health?

added on: October 6, 2014

Nearly every other commercial on prime time television networks seem to have some advertisement for an over the counter teeth whitening product. Consumers are often confused by the many different products available, especially those that claim to be recommended by top dentists or otherwise claim to be of a professional quality. 

Only a trusted dental professional can provide information to patients regarding their overall condition and make recommendations for improving oral health. Discolored teeth may be a natural result of age or could be related to various foods and drinks that tend to stain the enamel. However, teeth that have lost their natural luster may actually be an indication of a more serious problem. Many people do not realize that dental health is related to other health disorders and improving oral health can prevent other conditions from becoming worse. 

Our cosmetic dentists in South Charlotte NC see thousands of patients each year who are looking for a variety of procedures to improve their smiles. Dental implants, porcelain veneers, and transparent braces are all popular ways to straighten teeth and create a beautiful and healthy smile. Teeth whitening procedures can also be performed in dental offices throughout the South Charlotte NC area. In some cases, the entire treatment can be completed in one visit. Most effective whitening treatments are conducted over a brief period of time that involve several office visits, with obvious results apparent after just one visit. 

Family and cosmetic dentistry professionals are able to evaluate a patient during a consultation to determine the general condition of the teeth and gums as well as make recommendations for improving or maintaining dental health. Because so many people are uncomfortable or self-conscious about their smiles, they seek the expertise of cosmetic dentists in South Charlotte NC for options to improve their teeth. 

Leading expert in the industry can develop a treatment plan to address the specific needs and concerns of their patients. Cosmetic dentistry is a detailed and sensitive profession that deals with a variety of oral health and reconstructive treatments. They will provide teeth whitening services that far outshine any over the counter products that are available on the market. Even though the products that are readily available in retail stores across the nation may be inexpensive, they are also relatively ineffective in the long run and could potentially be harmful to sensitive tooth enamel. Individuals considering these products should schedule an appointment with a qualified cosmetic dentistry professional for a thorough consultation. 

Get in touch with Park Cedar Dentistry in South Charlotte for more information about teeth whitening for all ages and colored teeth. There is a solution out there for you and Dr. Snapp and Dr. Caldwell will find it to help improve your smile and ultimately, your confidence! 

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