Cosmetic Dentist Tips to Reduce Sensitivity After Whitening Your Teeth

added on: March 10, 2014

Everyone loves to see a great smile. Many people have attractive smiles but are plagued by yellow or otherwise discolored teeth. While brushing and flossing the teeth can certainly enhance the natural white coloring of teeth, nothing can increase the beauty of a smile by cosmetically whitening the teeth for increased attractiveness. However, while receiving this procedure is surely an advantage, it does come with a common side effect: increased tooth sensitivity. However, those who want to enhance the overall appearance by receiving teeth whitening treatments shouldn’t be discouraged by this one side effect. Our Charlotte cosmetic dentistry office offers some excellent teeth whitening tips to enjoy that smile even with the increased sensitivity of those nearly pearly whites. 

Why Is This Happening?

The first step to reduce tooth sensitivity is to understand why you are experiencing increased tooth sensitivity in the first place. The process of whitening the teeth makes the teeth more porous, which means the nerves of the teeth are more exposed than they were before. The exposure of these nerves is what people are experiencing when they feel that sharp and sometimes prolonged pain in the teeth. 

Cosmetic dentists note that while tooth sensitivity will probably increase right after the teeth are whitened, those who have undergone the procedure should take precautions and know that the increased sensitivity should subside in just a matter of a few days. Until then, there are a few things that people can do to mitigate the symptoms and lessen the pain.

Caring For & Maintaining Your New Whiter Teeth

To reduce tooth sensitivity, first use the right tooth care tools. Avoid brushing your teeth directly after having your teeth whitened. First, they need time to settle. Brushing directly after can actually harm the enamel. Later on, employ the use of a soft bristled tooth brush if you don’t already use one. These tooth brushes are more gentle than other varieties and will make brushing a less painful experience. Also people should be very gentle when brushing and toothpaste especially formulated for a sensitive mouth should be used.

Be Aware of What You Eat & Drink

Second, one should be very careful about what he or she eats and drinks for the first several days. People should avoid foods that are too hot or too cold as ingesting these will be painful. Partaking of acidic food and drink will also be painful and should be avoided.

To learn more teeth whitening tips, check with our South Charlotte cosmetic dentistry office today.

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