Dental Implants

Everyone deserves to have a complete and beautiful smile that they will be proud to show off throughout the years, however accidents can take place at any time. Unfortunately, a very high percentage of people will lose one or more of their teeth at some point in their life with upwards of a quarter of all adults 65 and over losing all of their teeth. This is why our cosmetic dentists are proud to help all patients restore their smile with custom dental implants.

Tooth loss can occur for a number of reasons ranging from trauma to the mouth to periodontal disease, and all patients should seek out the assistance of our cosmetic dentists as quickly as possible. Many may believe that missing teeth, especially in the back of the mouth, are nothing more than a cosmetic issue, but serious medical issues if treatment does not occur. This includes the weakening of one’s jaw and disintegration of the surrounding bone.

Illustration of single tooth implant

The process of installing dental implants will take course over several months with a handful of visits to our office. First, the patient must receive a thorough examination in order to determine if the jaw and surrounding soft tissue is healthy enough to receive dental implants. The implant will then be painlessly anchored into the jaw and form a powerful bond with the bone and soft tissue in the coming months.

Once the mouth has healed and a bond has been formed, our cosmetic dentist can then attach a customized anchor to the implant in order to restore the appearance and function of one’s teeth. With these amazing implants, patients will once again be able to enjoy the foods that they love and smile with confidence in their complete and attractive new smile.

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