Denture Implants Improve Your Confidence When Talking and Eating

added on: August 7, 2018

Denture implants can positively impact the denture-wearing experience, as they offer stability, which goes a long way toward improving patients’ confidence when talking and eating. Unfortunately, many denture wearers have difficulty in this area and find themselves avoiding social situations so as to avoid the embarrassment of their dentures slipping, which is a frequent problem with lower dentures. However, this situation can be remedied by visiting with our Charlotte dentist for same day implants.

Implants that support dentures are inserted into the jawbone and remain there permanently, although the dentures themselves can still be removed for cleaning and while sleeping. Once the dentures are affixed to the implants, which are titanium posts, they cease to slip, rock, or move, and patients can function much the same way as with natural teeth, without worrying about embarrassing slips or clicks.

Not all patients will have the same number of denture implants. Depending on the patient’s needs, budget, and preferences, two, four, or more may be implanted. Our highly-skilled Charlotte dentist will evaluate the patient, and when desired, affix same day implants using state-of-the-art technology. In most cases, the more implants that are attached, the more stable the denture will be.

Individuals who opt for denture implants will not only experience more confidence when eating and talking, but they won’t have to eliminate foods they previously had difficulty biting and chewing. With implant technology, everyone can enjoy their favorite hard and soft foods in addition to a beautiful smile

Talking and eating aren’t the only activities that many denture wearers find difficult. Even a simple sneeze can dislodge ill-fitting dentures. Many individuals who wear dentures take care not to laugh out loud for fear of slippage. Just the anxiety about some of these things happening in public can have a negative impact on the social lives of those who wear dentures.

Thanks to the latest technology, same day implants can solve this problem and restore self-esteem and confidence to men and women of all ages. Even when teeth have just been extracted, patients can still have the implants affixed. Our Charlotte dentist is skilled in implant technology can answer any questions patients may have.


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