Digital X-rays Detect Dental Problems Safely & Fast

added on: March 27, 2014

The traditional x-ray is becoming a thing of the past as the introduction of digital equipment is simplifying and streamlining the entire process of undergoing an x-ray with South Charlotte general dentists. Customers can expect to see a number of benefits, including a shorter time spent undergoing an annual dental checkup and an almost instant answer to their most pressing dental needs with the introduction of the digital x-ray.

Understanding how this new technology works is the key to determining how the introduction of digital dental x-rays in South Charlotte can help make each and every visit to the dentist a little faster and easier. In the past, an x-ray was a long drawn out process, which included a piece of x-ray film being placed in the mouth of the individual undergoing an annual dental checkup. After being exposed to radiation, the film was processed and returned to the dentist with the image, a process that took a large amount of time to complete. South Charlotte general dentists now have the power to place a small electronic sensor in the mouth of the patient and view an image of the teeth on a computer screen almost instantly. Not only is the use of digital dental x-rays in South Charlotte designed to make the process faster, it also exposes the patient to less radiation and requires the use of less chemicals to complete the process, which can have a harmful effect on the future of the planet.

South Charlotte general dentists appreciate the introduction of this new technology as it allows them to examine in minute detail the surface of teeth and the area beneath any fillings or crowns. This has led to a much faster diagnosis period for general dental problems and a reduction in the growth of small cavities into much larger problems. On of the major problems a dentist looks for in an annual dental checkup is the not well publicized issue of oral cancer. One of the major areas of concern for dental professionals, the signs of this often deadly form of cancer are often missed by the patient themselves until the illness reaches its latter stages. The use of digital dental x-rays will allow dental professionals to more accurately assess a patient for signs of oral cancer during a routine visit. 

The introduction of digital x-rays has benefits for both the dental professional and the patient, who will be happy to receive a faster, more accurate assessment of their teeth during a regular checkup.

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