Does Your Toothbrush Need A Little TLC?

added on: October 20, 2016

Toothbrushes aren’t meant to last forever. The brushing that you do to keep your smile looking great can really take a toll on your toothbrush.
Our dental office in Charlotte wants to remind patients using a brush with frayed, worn-out bristles that it may be time for a change.

Make the Change.

Worn out brushes are much less effective at keeping teeth clean, so it’s important to use a new toothbrush when needed. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends replacing your toothbrush every three to four months — and our dental office in Charlotte would definitely agree! You don’t even have to wait that long. If the brush starts looked ragged and scary earlier than that, change it anyway. And keep an eye on kid’s brushes too. They need to be changed out more often than adult brushes.

Bacteria and Toothbrushes

The ADA also wants to set the record straight about possible bacterial contamination when it comes to toothbrushes. While it’s true that the mouth does contain germs that could end up on a toothbrush, and germs could possibly land on your brush when it’s not being used — there really isn’t too much cause for concern. Why? Because your body is regularly exposed to germs and usually defends itself quite well.

Keep It Clean

We never have any reason to give bad bacteria a fighting chance. It’s important to make sure you do your very best to not give them any reason to stick around. It helps to never share a toothbrush with anyone else. Rinsing thoroughly is also a good idea, to keep debris and toothpaste from sitting around on the brush. Store the toothbrush in an upright position so it can air-dry. And lastly, always remember to store multiple brushes separately to avoid germ transfer.

And one other thing. Feel free to toss your toothbrush container. The ADA says its best to avoid keeping your toothbrush in a moist environment that helps bacteria breed.

Your dentist in Charlotte wants to always ensure you’re doing the very best to keep you and your smile healthy. One of the ways you can help do this is to keep your toothbrush from becoming scary and frayed. Keep on brushing, and remember to rinse and store your brush properly when you’re all done.

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