Your First Visit

Experience the Park Cedar Dentistry Difference

While we want every visit with Park Cedar Dentistry to exceed your expectations, your very first visit with us is extra special. It is an opportunity for us to begin to get to know you, go over your paperwork, understand your dental health, and listen to your concerns.

As soon as we have your information, we will introduce you to Dr. Snapp or Dr. Suttles, who will perform one of the most comprehensive dental exams you have ever experienced. The exam includes:

  • A thorough oral cancer screening
  • Any necessary dental x-rays
  • An extensive dental exam
  • A periodontal charting

Once the exam is completed, our doctors will explain their findings and talk to you about your treatment options. This is another opportunity for us to listen to you and answer your questions. We love it when our patients openly share their desires, concerns, and goals. This helps establish a trusting doctor/patient relationship. That’s important–we have found that a relationship built on compassion and trust alleviates the stress can accompany dental visits.

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