South Charlotte Dentist Shares the Difference Between Dental Implants & Dental Bridges

added on: June 5, 2018

Determine Jawbone and Ligament Health

Everyone wants to have a perfect smile, and with modern restorations from a cosmetic dentist it is possible. Today, individuals with missing teeth have choices concerning restorations that include fixed or implanted devices. A thorough examination at a dental facility is necessary to determine the best option for patients with one or more missing teeth. In addition to a visual examination to find cavities, plaque or gingivitis, a patient undergoes medical imaging to view the structure of the face and neck. Understanding a patient’s jaw health is vital to determine if dental implants or dental bridges are most appropriate.

Reasons for Patients to Wear Dental Restorations

Dental bridges were developed many years ago to create a strong bite and natural appearance for patients with tooth loss due to congenital conditions, injury or decay. These devices are considered a fixed restoration because a cosmetic dentist attaches the restoration to teeth adjacent to the patient’s gaps. In most cases, this variety of restoration is created in a dental laboratory by a technician. The technician uses computer software to design the metallic portion of this restoration along with artificial teeth. The artificial teeth are made of sturdy material that matches the color of the patient’s natural teeth.

Why Have Dental Implants to Replace Teeth?

Alternatively, many patients prefer to have dental implants because these restorations last longer and feel more comfortable. There are good reasons to have an implantation procedure that include not having slippage from the teeth or food debris sticking underneath a restoration. Many patients are able to have an implantation procedure right away while others need preliminary treatment to strengthen the ligaments and bones in the jaw. While other people are often able to see dental bridges inside someone’s mouth, it is nearly impossible to see dental implants.

What are the Pros-and-Cons of Restorations?

There are pros-and-cons to each type of restoration that a cosmetic dentist will explain. Implantation is more expensive and requires a surgical procedure with anesthesia. Patients may need to have treatment first to improve the condition of their jawbone to ensure the titanium screws remain in place. A patient will require recovery time after implantation, especially if several posts are inserted. Bridges cost less but often feel uncomfortable to patients. Food debris may collect under a bridge, leading to halitosis or gingivitis.

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