South Charlotte Family Dentist Shares Tips For Taking Care of Dental Bridges

added on: January 25, 2022

Your dentist has made it clear that a couple of teeth have to go. Fortunately, they happen to be side by side. While discussing what sort of replacement can be used for those teeth, the experienced dentist brings up the subject of dental bridges. Here are some things you need to know about caring for a bridge.

Understanding the Concept

Before delving too deeply into what you need to do after this type of restorative dentistry, it pays to learn a little about the basic dental bridge. Unlike other solutions, it is permanently set in place. This is managed by securing it to the health teeth on each side of the gap. The bridge is molded to look just like the teeth it replaces. Once it is in place, no one will know the difference unless you choose to share the information.

Brushing and Flossing

Once the bridge is in position, you will need to resume your normal routine of flossing and brushing. Your experienced dentist will explain that the brushing helps to remove residue from the surface of the bridge as well as around the gum line. That minimizes the chances of developing some type of infection.

Flossing the remainder of your teeth is still a good idea. The dentist will provide guidelines for using the floss around the bridge. Rest assured that it will not take long to master the art and keep the smile looking great.

Staying Away from Hard Foods

You already know that hard foods are not good for your teeth. They don’t do anything for dental bridges either. The fact that the bridge is manufactured does not mean it’s indestructible. You’ll still need to break bad habits like chewing on ice. Remember that hard candy is intended to melt in your mouth, not be crunched. Choosing to not chew on anything hard will prolong the life of your bridge.

See the Dentist Regularly

Your experienced dentist will still need to examine the bridge from time to time. Along with your annual examination, it never hurts to have the dentist take a quick look when you go in for a cleaning every six months or so.

When you have a cleaning, remember that any residue on the bridge will also be removed. Even though the bridge is not the real thing, getting rid of any buildup is good for your dental health.

If you have a couple of teeth that need to go, talk with a dental professional today about the possibility of installing a bridge. This type of restorative dentistry may be just what you need.

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