STOP! Check Out These Easy Lifestyle Tips to Improve Your Oral Health

added on: July 29, 2014

Practicing good dental hygiene is essential to maintaining oral health. Although many do their best to maintain this, there is always more that can be done. In addition to regular brushing and flossing, lifestyle has its effect on oral health and hygiene. Many aspects of life including stress, bad habits, and nutrition all play a part in oral health. Of course Charlotte dentists are there to help along the way but between office visits it is up to patients to take care of their mouths. Here are a few easy lifestyle tips to improve your oral health.

Reduce Stress
Surprisingly, stress has quite an impact on oral health. Mouths can be just as affected by stress as the body can. Stress can result in neglecting regular oral health routines and increase the risk of developing periodontal gum disease along with teeth grinding. Fortunately, stress can be reduced by learning relaxation techniques, getting enough sleep and learning to cope with stress. 

Drink Smart
Everyone enjoys carbonated sodas but the ingredients in them are terrible for teeth. Make a change and switch to sparking water or flavored sparkling water. This life change will not only prevent sugars from destroying your teeth by causing cavities and decay but water helps to cleanse the mouth and prevent bad breath from developing.

Eat Better
Eating right is one of the best tips to improve dental hygiene and health. Teeth need a number of essential vitamins and minerals to maintain strength as well as health. Eating foods high in calcium and phosphorus along with vitamin A, C, and D is important.. A diet that is low in sugar and high in nutrients is suggested by Charlotte dentists. 

Overall, small lifestyle changes can greatly improve oral health. Stress, sugary beverages and poor diet can wreak havoc on oral health and hygiene. By making these changes and implementing these tips to improve dental hygiene you will reduce your chance of developing gum disease, tooth decay and several other dental problems.

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