Tips to Prepare Children for Visiting Our Charlotte General Dentists

added on: January 22, 2014

Children are very brave about some things – they can slide down the stairs on a mattress without being anxious about the consequences. Other things, however, cause them to shake with fear. Going to the dentist is one of these things. Here are some tips to help children with that fear to make their visit more comfortable and relaxing.

No matter which Charlotte general dentist a family goes to see, children will be afraid unless they’ve been having their teeth brushed and flossed at home. If they get used to having parents use toothbrushes and dental floss in their mouth, they won’t be as scared when a dentist wants to do teeth cleanings and exams. Flossing should start once a child has teeth, and brushing his or her gums can be started even younger.

Instead of going to that ultra-convenient general dentist in their neighborhood, parents should specifically look for a practice that specializes in childrens dentistry. They know that children are sometimes hesitant to go the dentist, so they try to make it as fun as possible. For instance, they might give out prizes, have games and movies in the waiting room, and be more inclined to take their time and explain what’s going on when they do teeth cleanings and exams.

Once a parent picks out a childrens dentistry practice, they need to know how to help their child at the actual appointment. Letting children explore the waiting room is important, as is taking their questions about noises and closed doors seriously. Bringing comfort items is also a good idea. Favorite blankets, teddy bears, or toys can help put children’s minds at ease.

Most children’s dentists encourage parents to go with their child when it’s time for them to have their teeth cleaned. Even if children don’t seem scared in the waiting room, they might once it’s time for their mouth to be worked on.

After everything’s said and done, moms and dads should make sure to tell their children how brave they were, even if they were screaming their heads off. Grabbing a toy out of the prize box or going out to the movies afterward can also help children have positive feelings about their dentist.

Many children are afraid of going to the dentist at first, but getting them used to teeth brushing and flossing, encouraging them to explore and ask questions, and praising them after visiting the dentist can help.

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