Your Headaches Could be a Result of TMD!

Many people suffer with daily headaches or upper body pain without diagnosis or relief. These individuals often find their lives disrupted, their joy limited, and their bodies overmedicated. We see patients who have been sent from doctor to doctor, even to neurologists and spine surgeons! But this mystery pain may not always be such a mystery. In fact, it is probably a symptom of a jaw problem often referred to as TMJ. The true name of the disease is TMD – a disorder of your temporomandibular joint (your TMJ).

Park Cedar Dentistry can help. Our doctors are specially trained to recognize the symptoms of TMD and to provide the relief you have been longing for.

TMD Symptoms

Not everyone displays the same symptoms when they have TMD. In fact, the variety and range of symptoms is what can make diagnosing it so confusing for those not trained to spot it.

Take a look at the following list of symptoms. You may only recognize one or two…or you may discover that you have them all!

  • Migraines or chronic headaches
  • Facial, neck, shoulder, or any other upper body pain
  • Chipped, worn, cracked, or loose teeth
  • Dental restorations that break easily or don’t last
  • Popping, clicking or grating noises in the jaw joints
  • Jaw that locks open when yawning or eating
  • Pain in or around the jaw joints
  • Toothaches that don’t stay in just one tooth or area
  • Nasal congestion or stuffiness
  • Earaches or ringing in the ears

Why Worry About TMD?

Even if your pain is minimal,TMD can lead to joint and tooth damage – and that is nothing to take lightly. When joints and teeth are damaged, your TMD will most likely worsen until the pain has reached a critical level. If you have any of the symptoms in the list above, please call us today. We can help stop your pain, protect your teeth, and do it all without surgery or risky medications!

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