Tooth Colored Fillings

When cavities or other forms of external damage take place on teeth, patients should immediately seek out the services of our cosmetic dentists. In addition to harming the appearance of one’s smile, these medical conditions can cause serious trauma to the teeth, jaw, and soft tissue when they are left untreated. Luckily, there are now advanced options that not only improve the appearance of one’s teeth, but also the strength of a tooth after damaging was taken place. Here is a closer look at modern options for tooth colored fillings as well as dental bonding.

In the past, the only option for restoring one’s teeth has been metal fillings. These fillings are effective when it comes to protecting the integrity of a tooth as well as the inner roots, but they do come with drawbacks.

Before and after photo of metal fillings vs. tooth colored fillings

Metal fillings are different in appearance when placed within a tooth and many patients would like to avoid the “sharp” feeling when the filling comes into contact with metal utensils. With tooth colored fillings, many of these disadvantages will disappear.

These fillings, along with modern dental bonding substances, are created with a powerful resin that can be stained to perfectly match the tone of natural teeth. They are placed on the tooth and attached with a powerful bonding material and curing light. These two treatments can often be carried out in just a single visit to our cosmetic dentist and patients can once again get back to smiling with confidence. Immediately after receiving these fillings or undergoing a bonding treatment, it is important to keep up with daily oral hygiene habits as well as follow the aftercare instructions of our cosmetic dentists. This will help to maintain the appearance of one’s smile as well as reduce the likelihood of damaging the resin.

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