What Are Invisalign Clear Braces & Why You Should Invest in the Treatment

added on: November 7, 2014

Those who are interested in straightening their teeth should consider cosmetic dentistry services that would help improve the appearance of the teeth and ultimately improve their smiles as well. Those looking for a Charlotte Invisalign dentist can easily find one at our dental office, as we are now local preferred providers. The primary purpose of these braces is to help straighten the teeth while also promoting healthy teeth and gums. While traditional metal braces can straighten teeth, the clear Invisalign braces are an innovative and more advanced method of treatment.

It is important that teeth imperfections are fixed because if they are not fixed they can end up causing serious health problems of both the gums and the teeth. The cosmetic dentistry services Dr. Snapp and Dr. Caldwell offer should be taken advantage of for prevention purposes. No one truly wants to suffer from teeth and gum inflammation and other issues. With the Invisalign clear braces, the braces are actually made of plastic and they can easily be removed so that when an individual needs to brush and floss their teeth, they can do so appropriately without a problem. Invisalign braces basically help to improve periodontal health.

At our dentist office in Charlotte NC, our cosmetic dentists, both of which are Invisalign specialists, will consult with patients to see what types of imperfections they are dealing with. Some patients have overcrowding of the teeth while others have spaced out teeth or overbites. These clear braces can correct each of these different imperfections in a short amount of time without causing major discomfort, which is something that the traditional metal braces tend to do. Investing in clear braces is not just a smart move for appearance purposes but it is also a good choice to make for health reasons as well.

If you have any questions or would like more information about obtaining a straighter, more confident smile with Invisalign Clear Braces, please feel free to contact our Charlotte dentist office at 704-752-0500.

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