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Has it been some time since your last checkup? Do you feel the shine going off your smile because you need a cleaning? Do your gums bleed when you brush or floss?

Do you just wish there was a way you could feel more confident about the appearance and health of your smile but dental visits feel inconvenient and uncomfortable?

Our team at Park Cedar Dentistry understands and is here to help.

The problem is, avoiding your dental visits isn’t just bad for your smile, it is bad for the rest of you too. It’s true! Seeing your Pineville dentist is just as vital to your health as seeing any other medical provider with regularity.

Comfortable, Convenient Dentistry for Total Health

Not only do dental visits ensure that your smile is bright and healthy for years to come, they also ensure that the rest of your body is protected from the inflammatory effects of gum disease and other infection, as well as oral cancer. Plus, living with things like TMJ disorder can lead to migraines and other chronic pain. Putting off dental visits is just not a wise thing to do, no matter how much you wish you could. Here’s some good news: Park Cedar Dentistry strives to make your dental visits so pleasant, so warm and comfortable, so personal and pain-free, they feel more like a visit with friends than a chore.

What to Expect at Regular Dental Visits

Since keeping teeth clean and oral tissue healthy is so vital to both your smile and your all-over health, we usually recommend cleanings and checkups every six months. We also recommend that children start dental care in their first year or by the time that first tiny tooth erupts.

During regular dental visits, we will check your mouth for decay or damage, take a look at the health of your gums and other oral tissues, and examine for the first signs of oral cancer. Then we clean your teeth and around your gums to remove any bacteria-laden plaque and tartar. Your teeth will look so shiny and feel so polished – there is nothing quite like it!

If we find any problems such as gum disease, cavities, or even symptoms of sleep apnea, we will be sure to discuss all of your treatment options and create a treatment plan that feels comfortable to you and fits in your budget. We can even discuss our Dental Savings Plan to make affording dental care even easier.

Getting the Smile You Always Dreamed Of

Are you embarrassed by your smile? Park Cedar Dentistry can help with that too! Both Dr. Snapp and Dr. Suttles are specially trained in cosmetic dentistry to bring your smile to radiant life. We offer everything from Invisalign clear braces and tooth whitening to tooth implants and dental crowns and bridges. The truth is, all of our dentistry is cosmetic–even our cavity fillings are tooth-colored, so they blend beautifully in your smile.

We believe everyone in South Charlotte and the surrounding areas deserves a smile they can be proud of!

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